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We know what it takes to get you more customers. We understand what a website needs and what people are looking for when they go to one. This allows us to create the optimum website for your business which allows you to grow.

Your website comes with a simple backend dashboard that you or anyone in your organization can use to control your website. It’s very simple to use. It’s made specifically for your business. It saves you time and frustration, so you can focus on what’s most important: your business.

Our Process

Step 1: Knowledge

During the knowledge step, you and I will discuss the overall goals for real estate career and what you would like to achieve with a new website.

Step 2: Layout & Design

Once we have a better understanding of your goals, the design work begins. Your website will be built with the specific needs of people looking to buy, rent, or sell their home. We target the geographic location based on information provided by you. We will create a design and send it to you for review. The design is worked on until you are 100% satisfied and love the way it looks!

Step 3: Implementation

Now that we have a final design we can begin building the actual website. The implementation step consists of creating the content management system, any additional features and integrating the final design. This step is where the website comes to life and you can start using all the features.

Step 5: Launch & Training

The new site is ready to be shown to the world! In the launch and training step, the website is made live for customers to see. Training is available to learn how to use the new content management system so you can make changes to the website content without knowledge of web coding.

Let’s Work Together

We’re here to help you with any questions you may have. We love helping and creating our life-long customers.

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